• NameCerrado Protected Areas: Chapada dos Veadeiros and Emas National Parks
  • Date of inscription2001
  • CountryBrazil
    • Site locationState of Goiás
    • Area
    • Capital cityBrasilia
    • Time difference from Japan (hours)-12 hours

Reason for Inclusion

Many plants and animals moved to and continued to evolve in the plains of this region in Brazil during a period of climate change eons ago. The ecosystems that have been developed by these flora and fauna are the oldest in the tropical zone, which makes this region very significant. In addition, these protected areas are vital habitats for the endangered giant anteater.

Criteria this site met

Site Highlights

  • Did Japan play a significant role in Brazil’s great plains?

  • The hungry giant anteater

Did Japan play a significant role in Brazil’s great plains?

The Cerrado plays an important role in the Brazilian economy because a lot of corn and soy beans are produced here. The Cerrado, once considered a barren wasteland, has been converted into a rich farmland, and Japan has provided a great deal of support in this conversion.

The hungry giant anteater

True to their name, giant anteaters feed on ants as well as termites. Surprisingly, they can devour 35,000 ants and termites a day. Because they have no teeth, they extend their tongues more than 60 centimeters to scoop up ants and termites before swallowing them.

Four criteria for World Natural Heritage sites

Exceptional natural beauty or natural phenomena
Reveals the Earth's history through landforms, geology or record of life
Remarkable example of ecological and biological evolution and development
Contains outstanding diversity of animals and threatened species of valued animals

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